So you've seen some of my work? Well, let's break the ice a little more.


I'm Andrew Mounsey, a creative based in Northumberland, UK. I specialise in photography and technology however. 

My goal whenever I go out to take an image or a series of images is to tell a story. The well-known saying "a picture paints a thousand words" cannot be more from the truth. Every one and every thing has a story to tell and I want to capture it.

My main areas of photographic interest stand within landscapes, seascapes and astrophotography however more recently I've taken on photojournalistic opportunities and had images published in The Ambler, Northumberland Gazette and The Journal both online and in print.

Whether it be waking up at 3am to capture a sunrise, braving sub-zero temperatures to photograph a snow scene, milky way or astro photograph, photography drives me. When researching a location, looking for that composition and angle and waiting for the right moment I always envision the final image so when I sit down to edit, I know what I'm going to do.

Want to know anything more? Feel free to contact me.